Music!!! :D

I made this post cause’ i want to see what bands and music people (you guys) are into. I’ve been looking at different bands recently and it’d be cool if you could recommend some. Thx, Shaun ^_^    >_<     o_O     XD

How to add a Mixpod

To add a mixpod to your blog go to, select make a new playlist then make it press save and get password. 

Warning: You may need to log on to the site to do this!

Once the code appears press copy then open your blog in a new tab, login to your blog go design and then widgets. Next click add Text, save then edit. Right click, paste and add a title then save once more and check out your new mixpod.


Hello People

This is my first post for 2009 and I want to know if anyone has something they want to debate about. If you have good topics make a comment and i’ll write a post about them.

Example: Holden or Ford